Letter from the Chair

Dear Ski Legends Members, Past and Present,

Unbelievably the ski season will be upon us soon, only this year it will be different.

Your Volunteer Committee has been busy over the Summer planning the year’s  events and trying to understand the impact of Covid-19 on our activities.

We all see the need and desire to keep active and fraternize when safe. We believe that this year we will need to play in our own backyard.

Some of the unknowns are:

  • When will it be safe to get together in an indoor space?
  • What will the operations at Blue Mountain look like?
  • How are the private clubs responding? Will they be opening up to guests?
  • Will some of the venues we have used in the past still exist?
  • When will PROBUS International allow large group activities?
  • What insurance protection is available from PROBUS to protect organizers?
  • What ski trips will be available and will members want to go on them?
  • Will it be possible to acquire adequate travel insurance at a reasonable cost?

We had planned at least two trips this 20/21 season. The trip to Italy, which was sold out, was moving ahead, but is now being wound down, Sun Peaks, a favourite, is on hold, but we are still ready to organize it if the opportunity is there. We will be looking at other North American destinations as well.

We are working to play at home.

The Tuesday Blue Mountain  “meet at the Bullet” and ski with other Legends members was very successful last year. We were seeing up to 40 skiers at 9:30 and the group was growing until the closing of Blue. There were about 25 members that usually stayed on for lunch.

Once it is known how Blue will operate we will devise a plan to expand the “meet at the Bullet” program. We expect it will meet more often during the week.

Note: Only skiers with season passes or on line ticket purchases with reservations will be allowed to ski at Blue

We are waiting on the private clubs to tell us how they plan on operating and whether they will be able and how they can accommodate us.

Our social events are now on hold. We have still a slot booked for the Member’s  Breakfast at the Blue Mountain Resort early January, but that is still questionable. No other events have been booked so far until we are comfortable with group gatherings and permitted to have them.

We are looking at other activities outdoors including Xcountry, and snowshoeing. Please contact us through  http://probusskilegends.ca  and express your interest and any other suggestions.

Our Legends group is in good financial shape. Without the Member Social Events and the Ski Days at the private clubs, our costs are minimal. In the case that we are able to resume activities, we will immediately send out member application forms and dues notices.

We all want to keep Legends alive as we feel it is an important part of our winter experience. We will do our best to create what is possible today and be ready to pick things up when it is safe to do so.

Go to our website to get more information. http://probusskilegends.ca/

See you on the slopes soon,
Chair, PROBUS Ski Legends