Current newsletter


Hello Fellow Skier,


Your Probus Legends Committee has been busy preparing for what hopefully will be a great season.

As usual, everything can change on short notice but things are looking more promising. See the events calendar on our website.

We have, at present, 140 paid up members of Legends for the 2021/22 season. We exited 2019 with 217 members and usually see a 25% drop off each year to be filled in with new members. We expect to return to the 200 level later this season as Probus clubs return to in-person meetings and word gets around.

Social Events:

We have scheduled the Annual Breakfast at the Toronto Ski Club for Wednesday January 5th, organized by Trish Leicester. DETAILS TO FOLLOW

As usual, this event is included in your annual dues. In order for us to plan numbers, sign up your membership before that date. We cannot guarantee a place for you if you show up on the 5th and want to join. Go to our website for the application form.

Ski Trips :

Both trips are a go!

Banff, Lake Louise still has room. It will be cut off soon and any bookings after that date will be on a if possible basis and pricing will be different. Again go to the website for more information. Contact Peg McPhedran for particulars.

Sun Peaks is almost sold out. The cut off is or was December 5th. Any bookings after that date will be on an if possible basis and pricing will be different. Again, go to the website for more information. Contact Helen Bull for particulars.

Perhaps, depending on circumstances, we will look at returning to Europe and the US West next year.

Ski Days at Blue Mountain:

We are going to meet at the Silver Bullet Chair on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9:30 am after New Year.

This is a great way to ski with new and old friends. If possible, we plan to stay for lunch as well.

This is becoming more popular every year. The largest turnout last year was 42 on a Wednesday.

Ski Days at the Private Clubs:

A full slate of Days are booked for this season.

Legends members paying for their day tickets receive a $10.00 refund. And all receive a voucher for coffee and a donut. See the website for dates and locations.

Skiis and Bikes:

Normally we have a Wine and Cheese at their Collingwood store in December, however, this year it will not happen. WE WISH TO SUPPORT OUR LOCAL RETAILERS. Instead Kathy Kilgour has arranged a deal for active Probus members.

Discounts at Skiis&Biikes for this ski season

1.  Discounts will begin December 1st, and will be good for the ski season. 

2.  Ski Tune Up Package will be $180.00, good for as many tune-ups as you need, ON THE SAME PAIR of SKIS, throughout the season.  A great deal for those who ski a few days each week.

3. Discount of 15% will be on “White Tag” items only…..therefore,  if an item has already been marked down for sale, our discount will not apply.

4.   Due to difficulty with suppliers currently, they cannot offer a discount on Alpine Skis and Boots and Nordic Equipment.   However, if someone is purchasing a Ski Package, or spending big bucks, the Loyalty Discount (which is available to all their customers) can kick in, resulting in substantial savings.  It is a tough market this year…

5.   Discounts do not apply on SERVICE.

6.   All customers buying boots and going through the boot fitting process must make an appointment – this gives uninterrupted service and adheres to social distancing requirements. Feel free to browse anytime, but make your appointment to be fitted.

7.   If any of our members are disrespectful towards S&B staff, all deals are off.

8.  As we no longer issue badges, members should identify themselves as Legends to the Cashier, who will access the alpha membership list we supply, to confirm eligibility for discounts.

It looks like there are many exclusions to our discounts, but at least 50% of the store inventory qualifies.  S&B has been good to us over the years, and we hope our membership will appreciate what is being offered during these stressful times, and will patronize our partners….


John Housser

Ski Legends Chair